Apple Music arrives with iOS 8.4 Update

Apple Brings Apple Music To Users Via iOS 8.4 Update

Not all of the promised features have made their way to Apple Music just yet, but you can check out the new user interface.

Apple Music, the streaming service which has been making waves on the internet since being revealed, has officially made its way to a few users and developers with the iOS 8.4 beta 4 update.

Although the app has made its way to the iOS, it’s worth noting that the full version is still a long way away. Only change that has been brought to Apple Music is the new interface. Other changes will make their way to the app with the upcoming updates.

iOS 8.4 beta 4 update is currently available for the users who have registered for early access. So, if you are a member, then do give it a try.

Apple Music is not the only thing brought with iOS 8.4 beta 4 update as it has also brought a lot of improvements and fixes. The update also provides a work around for a Siri-related issue which you can read below.

“Play <Song> Siri” requests from a watch are failing for a few days when the iPhone has a new install of iOS 8.4. Workaround: Request playback of Artists or Albums instead of a specific song.”

Now that beta 4 has made its way to the developers and early access members, you can expect it to release for general public in the near future.


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