Planet of the Apps Apple

Apple Creating a New Reality TV Show Called Planet of the Apps

Earlier it was reported that web that Apple has been working on a reality TV show, but no details were provided at that time. Now the tech giant seems to be moving forward with the project as it has announced an open casting call, and has also revealed the name of the show which is called ‘Planet of the Apps.’

The casting calls will take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Austin where Apple will meet with multiple developers to decide which of them make it to the TV show.

Planet of the Apps is set to feature daily routines and activities of app developers as they receive advice from the experts in the field, and receive funding for their projects from different VCs.

The show will start shooting on October 21 in Los Angeles, and the first season will include 100 participants. These people will have an opportunity to present their apps to the world, and who knows, they may become the next big thing.