Apple trade-in program expands

Apple Extends Trade-in Program to Non-Apple Products

The tech giant is set to crush its competition through an offer many may find too tempting to refuse.

Apple will now be accepting non-Apple products as well for trade-in, offering a credit to buy iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

It does not, however, include Apple watch.

Interested people just have to answer a few basic questions regarding their current smartphone, after which they are informed of the credit they can receive in exchange for their Android.

The extension of this offer is available in selected countries for now, including US, Italy, UK, Germany and France. Rumors has it this offer will soon be available in China as well, though it will not include non-Apple products.

Apple is offering this program through a third party named Brightstar. The official page of this website has a list of Android phones included in trade-in.

Apple inaugurated the recycling program back in 2013, but it originally included Apple Mac machines. iPad was added in the program last year, and now it has broadened the horizon of this stratagem to non-Apple products. This has proved to be a rather effective way for Apple to get an edge over its competitors, especially now that it is accepting Android devices, including that of its chief rival Samsung.

Some of the other flagship Androids that can be exchanged include but not limited to Sony, BlackBerry, LG, HTC and Nokia.

Apple has been adopting several strategies lately to get competitive edge over Android manufacturers. According to the statistics, its strategies are really paying off. According to Gartner, who is a well-known market researcher, Apple left behind Samsung the major competitor in smart phone sales during the 4th quarter. Apple trade-in program is also a part of this effort.

Interestingly, Apple did not announce the extension of its trade-in program through some sort of a formal press release. Instead, all its store pages have opened a separate section for trade-in with the statement: “Get credit when you recycle your eligible iPhone, iPad, or select smart phone from another manufacturer.”

According to Apple’s spokesperson, the trade-in program is not only available on all Apple retail stores, but also on its online platform.


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