Apple patents multi-touch Fusion keyword

Apple Granted Patent for Fusion Keyboard with Multi-Touch Input

The invention turns individual keys into trackpad-covered buttons, which means users can type the text without removing their hands.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Patent No. 9,041,652 to Apple this week under the name “Fusion Keyboard”.

According to the patent’s description, some of the dual-purpose keys of this keyboard can be pressed to several levels with each level giving a specific command. The space key for instance, in addition to serving its routine purpose, will also act as a cursor, and you can do mouse-click with it. This can be done by increasing the pressure on the key.

Another distinguishing feature of this keyboard is that it can recognize and follow input from both hands.

Although Apple has obtained the patent for the innovative keyboard, there is still no word on whether the tech giant plans on incorporating it into its future products.


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