Made for Apple Watch program launched for third-party band makers

Apple guiding third-party band makers through “Made for Apple Watch” program

Apple has officially invited third-party designers to create unique Apple Watch bands.

In order to provide guidelines to third-party companies on how to make straps for Apple Watch, Apple has launched the “Made for Apple Watch” program, accessible through the Creating Bands for Apple Watch website that went live only recently.

The guidelines are basically a set of instructions that the tech giant expects strap makers to follow to make bands that meet a set standard approved for the wearable tech.

As per the instructions:

  • the band should sit tight enough against the wrist so that it can check heart rate,
  • the band should not have magnetic chargers,
  • the band should meet the environmental regulations.

Even though Apple has given a free hand in selection of material, it has still made a few recommendations like silicone, stainless steel or nylon.

Currently, this program only covers watch bands, but it may possibly be expanded to chargers and other Apple Watch accessories as well in the future.


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