iphone 6 and galaxy s5 comparison

Apple iPhone 6 Versus Samsung Galaxy S5: Flagship Smartphones Face-Off

Apple is a strong competitor of Samsung. Both of them strive hard to get limelight with their extraordinary products. Samsung Galaxy series has gained the attention of a large number of people at global level. In the same way, Apple iPhone has made people crazy. Here’s an iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 comparison to help those people who are confused which product to buy and which to leave.


When it comes to design, then both the smart phones grab the attention of people with their sleek look, which makes it a bit difficult to say which mobile looks better. Samsung S5 has its own charm with its 8.1mm thick body, whereas iPhone 6 has maintained its image of sleek design with its 6.9mm think body. S5 has a soft plastic body with edges made of hard plastic giving it the look of metal, and iPhone 6 has an aluminium cover with metal and glass. Though, both these mobiles have their own charm, yet iPhone 6 is easier to handle especially with a single hand as it is thinner and narrower than S5. S5 has an extra grip due to its plastic back, whereas iPhone 6 has greater chances of slipping down from the hand while taking out from the pocket. S5 is water resistant up to the extent that it keeps safe from damage, even if remain in 1m water for half an hour, this is an attractive feature for all those crazy phone users, who have this habit of taking mobile with them in washroom. iPhone 6 has a bigger screen compared to its predecessor iPhone 5S, but still its screen is smaller than that of S5. iPhone 6 is very delicate and even a small scratch on it is easily visible, this is fortunately not the case with S5


Apple moved a step forward from iOS 7 to iOS 8 which is a great transition. Samsung on the other hand, gave a lollipop flavor to its users with S5 an Android 5.0. In other words, both of them did some improvements in their products. You will love the lollipop style in S5 with a different tray, and a close all button to close all the applications simultaneously. With S5, now you can receive notifications, even when the screen is locked. iPhone is also offering a lot with its iOS 8, the main thing is its better photos sharing and editing options. You will never face a slowdown in your iPhone 6 while opening different applications and browsing internet. S5 however, slowdown when several apps are being opened.


Samsung S5 has a 32bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad–core processor and a 2GB RAM whereas iPhone 6 specifications include a 6Rbit Apple A8 dual-core 1.4GHz and 1GB RAM. Let’s talk about lab results and daily use. Geekbench 3 which is a reliable platform for testing the CPU and specifications of different mobile phones gave highest rankings to S5 and iPhone 6. Both of them received almost similar ranking but in real world, iPhone 6 performs better than S5. It’s not because of its processor but because of its software. The TouchWiz interface in S5 makes it slow sometimes.

Screen Quality

Interestingly, S5 and iPhone 6 both have totally different screen specifications, but still both of them managed to create extraordinary screens in their own unique way, and the main thing is that they are successful in it. S5 has 5.1-inch screen with AMOLED display with 432 ppi. The special thing about this AMOLED display is that it shows dark scenes perfectly due to its color accuracy. iPhone 6 has a relatively smaller screen, so watching movies and videos on S5 is definitely more fun. iPhone has a 4.7 inches IPS LCD screen. It has a resolution of 322 pixels per inch. When it comes to color accuracy then iPhone 6 is remarkable.


S5 has a 16-megapixel camera, whereas iPhone 6 has an 8-megapixel camera. Though, it seems from specifications that S5 has better camera then iPhone, yet it is not really a case. S5 take great pictures and so does iPhone 6 despite having half the number of megapixels compared to S5. The major difference between the camera results of both these products is that iPhone 6 has more natural images whereas the images taken by S5 sometimes gives a feeling that they have been edited especially when the images are taken outdoor. In addition, iPhone 6 is faster than S5 when it comes to taking images as S5 takes time in opening the camera menu.


S5 and iPhone 6 both have good battery timing; they can easily run for a day and half, but only if you have a moderate use. The efficiency of a battery is not always checked by the number of hours it run but also by the time it requires to get fully charged. S5 and iPhone 6 are remarkable in this regard as both of them get fully charges from 0% to 100% in 2 hours. The positive thing about S5 is that it comes with a lot of power saving options. If the battery is low and you still have a few hours left to go back home, then you may activate its power saving mode. It will close various applications and decrease the brightness of screen; it will also turn the screen color from white to grey just to save battery. Apart from this, you always have a spare to use in case of any emergency.


S5 comes with a 16GB and 32 GB built in memory, but there is always an option for a microSD card that can add 128GB. Same is the case with iPhone 6 which has a 16GB memory, but an external memory card can add 128GB. Here, it is important to mention that built in memory is not enough especially in case of S5 whose half of the internal memory is consumed by TouchWiz interface, you hardly have 9 GB left. This means that internal memory will be full after installing just a few applications or downloading games so memory card is a need.


Samsung S5 has a lot of connectivity options, some of which includes Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, infrared, USB port and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Its infrared technology allows you to control the television remote and other various devices with your mobile phone. You can easily convert data from mobile to computer or vice versa with its fast and highly efficient USB. iPhone 6 has a Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, USB 2.0, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. It also has an airdrop that makes it easy to share data with friends and family. Its NFC has a limitation as it only has an Apple pay option which is a payment method offered by Apple Inc.


Sometimes, there are two winners instead of one; this is exactly in the case of iPhone 6 and Samsung S5. Both of them offer extraordinary features in their own way. Though, the technology, processor, camera, screen, body and software used in both these products are totally different from each other, yet both of them are equally efficient. Samsung S5 is liked for its large screen whereas iPhone 6 grabbed the attention of people for its sleek design.

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