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Apple Offering Refunds to Unsatisfied Pokemon Go Players

People got into Pokemon Go because it is pretty fun to play. However, the server problems and inaccurate GPS tracking system have really pissed people off. Some iPhone users have become so fed up that they have started asking Apple for refunds for the in-app purchases, and the best part, Apple is obliging.

If you are also amongst the users who have had enough of the game’s problems, but have spent a bit too much money on it, then you can also ask the tech giant for refunds. They have been pretty generous when it comes to refunding, but that may change in the near future so cash out well before then.

Niantic created a masterpiece in shape of Pokemon Go, but its popularity has become its downside. The developers did not anticipate that their app will become such a worldwide phenomenon, so they weren’t prepared for such a huge user-base.

They are working on to get new servers up and running, but that may take some time. If you have the patience to deal with it, then you can keep the in-app purchases. However, if you are fed up from the ongoing issues like many other people, then now is the best time to ask for a refund.

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