Apple giving refunds to buyers of ad-blocker Peace

Apple Refunding Purchases of Ad-Blocker Peace

The top-selling app was abruptly pulled from the App Store by the developer last week.

Apple has decided to issue refunds to all those people who purchased Peace, an ad-blocker app for iOS 9 developed by Marco Arment, founder of Instapaper. The decision comes in the aftermath of the developer pulling the top-selling app from the App Store after an apparent change of heart.

The developer requested purchasers of the app to directly ask Apple for a refund as he himself doesn’t have the means to refund them himself.

Apple has already refunded 13,000 people who paid $3 for the app, whereas the process is still very much in progress.

Since the arrival of iOS 9, several ad-blocker apps have popped up on the App Store, though Peace quickly outshone the competition to rise to the top on the top-selling chart. The app seemed to be working a little too well, much to the frustration of advertisers, including Arment himself as ads from his own site were getting blocked as well. Therefore, he decided to take the app to the gallows, allowing the frustrated advertisers and developers to breathe a sigh of relief.

With Peace out of the competition, iOS 9 users are already turning to alternate options to keep ads from ruining their experience on their iPhones and iPads.


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