Apple releases iOS 5.1.1: Includes many bug-fix for iPod Touch , iPhone, iPad


Today Apple has released an update to its operating system for iDevices, that fixes some bugs found in its previous version of iOS 5.1.0 . This new version of the iOS 5.1.1 included  some bug fix for Airplay video Playback Application. This update also includes bug Fix for the problem caused in iPads when it is switched back and forth from 2G to 3G.

Apart from that there is an improvement for Syncing Safari bookmarks and reading list , this fix is for increasing the reliability of the Device. Also there is an  improved reliability of HDR options for photo taken using the lock screen shortcut.

Check the below mentioned screenshot to know what all is included in the new iOS 5.1.1 Update, which has a size of 47MB download:

Apple Fixes many Bugs in its iOS 5.1.1 release

Apart from the above mentioned fix for iPad and Airplay , there is also a Fix for the “Unable to Purchase” alert that you may receive even after you have undergone a successful Purchasing of the item.

In order to Update your iDevices , you can either use High Speed Wi-Fi Connection to your device and Download the update directly to the device , Or , you can even download the update through iTunes and then add thew fix to the Device.

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