Apple Releasing iCloud and iOS5 with a Bunch of New Features

ios5 features

october 12 will be marked as an interesting day for the mobile users as ios5, the best mobile operating system so far, will be released to all users, that day.

the top new ios5 features

ios5 top features

Notifications: notification center is a place where all your requests,new messages and all other stuff you are to be notified of,comes to. the new notifications arrive on top of the screen with out disturbing what you are doing
iMessage: a free to use sms replacement which works from ios to ios.with this your can also send videos,pictures,locations,contacts etc
Reminders: A better way to organize your what to do list.this features time/location based reminders
Twitter:Twitter is build right into your ios, now tweet and reply to tweets in a flash
ios 5 twitter features Newsstand:A place where all your magazine and news paper app subscriptions be organized by the ios
Improved Camera: the camera features of ios be loved by everyone as camera is now accessible from the lock screen, you can snap pictures by click the volume controls and so on
Game Center: the new game center powered by recommendation engine and achivement systems.
Improved safari:the new safari is much more faster and works even better, and is also powered by new content scraper

ios5 safari features
PC free activation:ios is no more dependent on itunes for its working

along with this ios still got the powerfull options which make it the best, like airplay ,improved mail app, calender,wifi sync etc.this version of ios consists about 200+ features and improvements and be a free update for all the compatible devices

ios 5 is compatible with iphone3gs ,iphone4,iphone4s,ipod touch 3rd and 4th gen and also with both versions of ipad.


apple i cloud

build into ios5 is the icloud the new attraction in the town. this cloud based service seamlessly push contents between your ios devices.that is you can see the snaps you take on your iphone, on your ipad. and sync all data like music ,videos and pic effortlessly between the devices

i cloud also be launched on October 12 with 5 gb free for everyone.the other plans are 10gb,20gb and 50 gb costing your $20,$40,$100 respectively per year.

how to activate ?

you can activate ios5 right on the release day by simply connecting your device to your mac or pc. then open itunes and follow the on screen instructions.

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