Apple Reports 50% Increase in Apple Watch Sales

Today, Apple presented financial report for its third quarter, and during earnings call, it was revealed that the sales for Apple Watch have increased by 50% since last year.

It’s not clear what’s driving the sales, but it looks like it has to do something with Fitbit lacking in performance lately. Now that Fitbit hasn’t remained as reliable as it was before, people are opting to go for the second best option, which is Apple Watch.

Watch’s figures are impressive but it doesn’t end here. The overall quarter proved to quite fruitful for the company as it was able to surpass analyst’s predictions. It was predicted that Apple would see rise of 1.57$ per share by the end of third quarter, but the tech giant has been able to raise it to 1.67$.

So, overall it was a pretty good quarter. Although the overall sales were low, that didn’t stop Apple from surpassing the analysts’ predictions.

Next quarter will certainly be groundbreaking as the tech giant will launch the new iterations of iPhone. The fourth and final quarter is always the best quarter for the company because of its new launches and it seems that things would stay more or less the same this time around as well.

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