Apple TV Has Started to Roll Out in Australia and Asia

Apple TV Has Started to Roll Out in Australia and Asia

Some of the most popular apps are already available for Apple TV, and more will be added post-launch.

It’s already Friday in New Zealand and the users that pre-ordered Apple TV there have started to receive their orders. This means that users in Australia and Asia will also be getting their orders in just a few hours. The users in west, however, will have to wait for another day in order to get their deliveries.

Coinciding with the release of Apple TV is the distribution of final build of tvOS for the developers and reviewers. An update for tvOS was also rolled out last week, but no information on the changes and additions were made public.

Users that have received their orders can access the App Store right away and get their hands on slew of apps available on the platform. Some of the in-demand apps like Netflix and YouTube are already available, so that users can get started straight away.

Apple TV will hit the stores near you on Friday, with the 32GB model priced at $149, while the 64GB model carrying a price tag of $199.


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