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Apple Users Downloaded These Apps the Most in 2017

At the end of every year, Apple releases the list of apps that were downloaded the most by its users. This gives developers an idea of what’s popular amongst the users, so they try to follow the trend as well.

This year’s list isn’t that surprising though as almost every single app mentioned is extremely popular.

Snapchat introduced a ton of new features this year and it has helped them a lot. It has gained first position and is currently the most download app on the App Store.

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform so it had to make the list along with its Messenger app. Netflix is another brilliant tool and it comes as no surprise to anyone that it is amongst the most downloaded apps as well.

Here is the top 10 list of most downloaded apps:

  1. Snapchat
  2. Messenger
  3. Pokémon GO
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook
  6. YouTube
  7. Google Maps
  8. Pandora
  9. Netflix
  10. Spotify Music

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