Apple vs Samsung, who will come out on top?

Apple vs Samsung : who will come on top ?

The debate between the two giants of the technology world has been raging in ten countries for a while now, and it seems as though Samsung is getting ready to gain the upper hand. Amid copyright battles, in which Apple claims that the South Korean company is copying the designs of their iPad and iPhone, a court in Australia has given the advantage to Samsung. The court has dismissed an appeal from Apple, ruling that Samsung is now free to sell it’s Android tablets this Christmas.

This follows on from similar verdicts in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, culminating in the announcement from Samsung that it’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 “will be available in stores this holiday period”. So now, when consumers have finished playing PartyPoker or are home from work, they have another choice of tablet-type devices to purchase. The Samsung device runs on Google’s Android system and is lighter and thinner than its competitor, the iPad 2.

This rivalry has been around for a while, and in April 2011 the California-based Apple company sued Samsung in the United States. They claimed that the design of the Samsung Galaxy products, their user interface and packaging, copied that of the iPhone and the iPad. However, things did not go Apple’s way as the U.S. dismissed these claims.

Could this mark the rise of Samsung and the fall of Apple? Apple has certainly paved the way for tablets in the technology industry and has put this type of device on the map. However, it is not the only company that can develop this type of technology and it makes sense that they are worried about the competition. It looks like they are rightly worried as well, with Samsung now allowed to distribute their similar devices, and it may not be long before more competition emerges.

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