Apple Watch 3 Review

When Apple Watch was first introduced, everyone was excited about it. However, the launch didn’t go as well as the tech giant would have liked and that was due to lack of features it came with. The battery was lackluster, the user interface was confusing, and the operating system was extremely slow. These problems pushed people away from the product and for the right reasons. The second iteration did do some improvements, but that still didn’t prove to be enough. That forced Apple to put on their thinking hat, and figure out what people actually want. This is where they came up with the idea of Apple Watch 3. Instead of catering to just one type of individuals, the third iteration provides a better experience for all kinds of users.

LTE Improvement

Now, with LTE addition, you no longer have to carry your iPhone where you go. Once Apple Watch 3 is connected to your device, you will be able to access its content via internet. People, who had to go jogs regularly, found carrying their iPhone with them a huge hassle. Thankfully, that’s not a problem anymore. Most of the people who purchase the Apple Watch do it because they want it to keep tabs on their exercising routines, but being forced to carry an iPhone with you at every single place was cumbersome for a lot. Apple received a ton of complaints about and they finally listened and improved the overall LTE experience.

Enhanced Work Out

Work out features received a major overhaul in Apple Watch 2, so no much has changed here. However, GPS has been improved so that you can see the path ahead of you with ease. This feature was present before, but now it has been made faster and more efficient. It doesn’t cause slowdowns or any other issues anymore. You can easily make it work and see where you are going quite easily.

Better Battery

Battery has always been a huge issue for the Apple Watch. The biggest reason people ignored the previous iterations was the low battery life. It barely lasted and that was not good enough for the users. With Apple Watch however, battery timing has been improved by quite a lot. Instead of dying on you, it can now easily last for a day, which is great, and is more than what people had hoped for.

Better UI

User interface and software was a disaster, but that’s not the case anymore as Apple has spend a lot of time enhancing the overall user interface. Instead of cluttering the menu, you only see the things that you are actually interested in. This is a huge and much needed change. Previous UI was abysmal and ruined the experience for the users. The software has also been updated, which means fewer crashes and slowdowns. In my usage, I didn’t encounter any slowdowns whatsoever. This was a norm with Apple Watch 1 and 2. However, everything seems to have been fixed with Apple Watch 3, so you can invest in it without worrying about a thing.

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