Apple gets 5 patents for Apple Watch design

Apple Watch Design gets Patent Protection

The company no longer needs to worry about competitors copying the look and feel of its wearable gadget.

U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued five patents in total for the Apple Watch design, effectively closing the doors for competitors like Samsung, LG, and Sony etc. to come replicate it in case they ever run short on original ideas.

The patents in spotlight cover the smartwatch’s form factor and overall design, with the patented images showing the device from all angles to leave as little ambiguity as possible.

The tech giant had filed the design patent with USPTO back in August 2014, i.e. even before it had lifted the curtain off its wearable tech. To keep the suspense from ending prematurely, the patent had included the term “Electronic device” instead of Apple Watch.

The design patents come less than a month after Apple successfully got the Sports Band, Link Bracelet and Classic Buckle patented for Apple Watch.

Aside from the five Apple Watch design-related patents, the company walked away with 33 other patents yesterday, including patents for in-cell display and pop system.

Apple is yet to comment on the patents.


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