Apple Watch touches 1 million pre-orders landmark

Apple Watch Reaches 1 Million Pre-orders Worldwide

So far so good, roughly 1 million people worldwide pre-ordered Apple Watch on the first day of its pre-ordering phase.

Apple watch will be a monster hit, or at least that is what the analysts are saying. Just a few hours after of its launch, the shipment dates for Apple Watch reached back to several months. So, the late-comers will have to wait until July or even August to get the Apple Watch. Many of the people who pre-ordered the watch on the first day are being told that they will get the device in June.

Apple fans were desperately waiting for April 10, the official date for placing pre-orders. Reviews already claim that it is the best smartwatch to date.

Apple Watch is set to debut in nine markets. Based on the sales projections, it is suggested that the coveted wearable gadget will take over the watch market, leaving behind popular watch brands like Movado and Fossil.

According to the KeyBanc analyst, Apple is set to produce 20 million watches this year.

It seems that the $38 million being spent on the Apple Watch advertisement is paying back with high returns.

The employees of Apple Inc have 90 days to get this watch at a straight discount rate of 50% which is also a boosting factor in sales as Apple currently has several thousand employees.

What’s missing is an official note from the Apple on the exact number of requests received for pre-orders, but this hasn’t stopped the market experts from guessing the figures and evaluating the success of Apple Watch.


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