should you buy apple watch

Apple Watch: Should You Really Buy It?

Do the benefits outweigh the hefty price tag stuck on the device?

Wearable tech is a hot new fad that has taken the world by storm. Sticking gadgets onto our bodies to enjoy a faster and convenient access to information, including our personal communications and data, does seem alluring, but one look at the price companies are charging for such products is all it takes to start wondering if the temptation is worth giving in to.

Apple Watch stands out from the rest of the pack due to various reasons. One, it’s made by a company that has a reputation of putting quality ahead of everything. Second, it’s made by a company that has a reputation of charging heavily for its products.

Strapping an Apple smartwatch onto your wrist may fill you up with a sense of grandeur, but are you really sure you want to dish out $350 for that? Is there something more that you’re after? Is it the features? Is it the convenience?

What makes the Apple Watch so appealing in the first place? Yes it’s got some pretty neat features. The interactive display lets you view notifications for texts, emails, calls, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, etc. in an instant. However, the same thing is offered by the smartphone stuffed in your pocket. The only thing that you need to do is pull it out of there. Does it really make sense to pay a hefty sum of money to a tech company just so you won’t have to reach into your pocket?

Apple is further touting its smartwatch as one of the most personalized products it’s ever made. While the tech giant is being honest, you need to bear in mind that your smartphone is a pretty personalized product as well. Not only that, you can personalize it even further through custom alerts, ringtones, message tones, wallpapers, etc.

Oh yeah, wearable tech frees up a hand. This is something that many proponents of products like smartwatches often come up with. In response to this, I simply ask if paying hundreds of dollars for this tangible benefit makes sense.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from purchasing the Apple Watch. It really is a great piece of tech and has a fair amount of neat features and convenience to offer. I’m simply trying to say that before you queue up in the store to get your hands on this fancy product, be sure to ask yourself if it’s something that you really need.


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