Life expectancy of Apple Watch

Apple Watch Will Last For Three Years

The fans of Apple products wait for almost everything that comes from the tech giants and now they are looking forward to get their hands on Apple Watch.

The latest offering from Apple is just a few days away from launch, but the question that everyone keeps asking is whether it will last for a longer period of time or its support will get cut off soon.

People have become skeptical about Apple products since they cut the support for iPad in less than two years. Apple wants the best possible product for its users and only way to achieve that is by rolling out regular updates. However, when the changes Apple want to make exceed the capacity of their products, they have to come up with a newer model. The same thing happened with iPad as it was replaced by iPad 2 sooner than the users expected. But now Apple would have hopefully learnt from its mistakes and will try its best to make the new watch last for at least three years.

People Want Long Lasting Watches

People do like to change up their mobile phones on regular basis, but that is not the case when it comes to watches. People want a watch that will last them for a long time without causing too much trouble. Apple being in the industry for a long period of time realizes it and must be looking forward to maintaining their first ever watch until 2018.


iPhone and iPad users get two years of subscription to AppleCare+, while Mac users get three. People were expecting Apple Watch to also get the same two years subscription plan, but Apple did one better as they have added an additional year. This clearly suggests that Apple has plans to support its latest product for at least up to three years.


Apple Watch is pretty expensive and when someone pays that sum of money for a product, they want equal return. If they are paying for a product that won’t even last them for a year or two, then surely they will look for available alternatives in the market.

Be Prepared for an Upgrade

Do know that this is a new product and it inevitably will receive a newer model which would be a whole lot better because by then, Apple would have learned where the watch’s strengths and weaknesses lie. This will give them a chance to come up with a better version which most likely will be supported by the iOS of that time, so you would be needing to upgrade.

With a large number of features that are integrated in Apple Watch, I am sure it will attract a lot of consumers, particularly diehard fans of Apple. The intention of tech giants seems pure with their latest offering and we hope that it actually will last for three years at the least.

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