Apple announced version 2 of Apple Watch OS

Apple WatchOS 2 Coming This Fall With Huge Improvements and Changes

Wi-Fi sync, enhanced Siri, improved The Digital Crown app and a plethora of new features headed your way.

The Apple Watch has been in huge demand since coming into existence. Realizing the potential in its wearable, the tech giant has revealed that it will be getting a new software update called WatchOS 2 that will bring a ton of new and exciting stuff for the users.

One of the biggest improvements coming to the Apple Watch with WatchOS 2 is the ability to communicate via Wi-Fi. This feature will sync your watch and your iPhones, so if you are using internet on your phone and leave it at some place, then you continue your browsing through Apple Watch.

Another exciting feature allows you to pick an album from your phone and set it as wallpaper for your watch. After that, whenever you take a look at your watch, one of the images from the set album will show up.

After the update, you’ll be able to check home controlled systems with HomeKit device which will be accessible from the watch.

The Digital Crown app will be enhanced as upon rotation, it will let you “time travel”. This feature will show you events coming up in the next 72 hours.

The all important Siri will also be getting updated with WatchOS 2. You can now start functions of the voice assistant just by talking to it. For example, you can say “Hey Siri, start a 30 minute run” or “Hey Siri, start a 300 calorie walk”, etc.

This is just a start and you can expect more stuff to be added to the update as we are still a long way away from the update’s launch.


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