first major update for apple watch has changed frequency of heart rate sensor checks.

Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Monitor Not Functioning Normally Since First Update

There are hour-long gaps between heart rate checks that were previously performed every 10 minutes.

The Apple Watch received its first update just a couple of days ago and although it has brought some improvements and fixes along with, it also has brought one big problem. On different forums, Apple Watch users have revealed that the heart rate sensor has been slacking off.

The Apple heart rate sensor is supposed to let users know their results after every 10 minutes. Since the update, it has become relatively slow and has started taking a lot of time. Some users have even reported difference of exactly an hour between each check.

With the help of this app, users were able to check their heart rate with ease, but these long gaps are making this job a whole lot harder.

There’s been no official response from Apple about this concern just yet, but it seems that this change has been brought to Apple Watch intentionally to increase its battery timing. With continued checks of heart rate, battery drains at a pretty fast pace and it seems that Apple was looking to change that.

The sensor continues to run exactly as it is supposed to, but the problem arises when there are hour long intervals between each check. Now that people are posting about this issue on official forums, Apple will surely come up with some sort of response to clear things up. We will keep you updated as the story evolves.


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