Apple will now manufacture iPhones in India

The news is official. Apple will now be manufacturing iPhones in India. The Government of Karnataka released an official statement last Friday saying:

“Apple’s iPhones will be made in Bangalore and all devices will be targeted at the domestic market.”

The tech-giant will start making iPhones in India by the end of April this year.

Apparently, Apple seemed to gain a lot from the Indian market in 2016 in terms of sales. The company enjoyed a fantastic year in India last year as they had to ship more two million devices in order to respond to the market changes. The decision of manufacturing the phones in India is to cater to the consumer demands. With iPhones being made in India, the company will be flexible enough to meet the market demand.

At the moment, Apple sells its devices though third-party retailers in India. The sales account for only around 1% of global sales of iPhones.

The fact that India has a giant population and there is a low number of smartphone-owners will definitely mean that Apple has a huge potential market in the country.

Wistron Corp., A Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, has been assigned to assemble iPhones at a plant on the outskirts of tech hub, Bangalore.

In fact, this move will serve as a coup for the Indian government because it has been trying for a long time to persuade foreign companies to manufacture in the country. It seems now their grant is about to be fulfilled.

Let’s hope Apple comes out with a very affordable version of iPhone for the Indian market. For now, we can just wait and watch.


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