AppLock Android Review

AppLock Review: A Snoop’s Nightmare

When it comes to protecting the private data and restricting unauthorized access to your Android, AppLock is one of the best options in the digital market. It is a sophisticated app that lets you lock all your apps to keep snoops at bay. To know if this nifty tool is just what you require, here’s a comprehensive AppLock Android review.

Lock SMS and Contacts

AppLock locks SMS and contacts making sure no one else can get access to your private messages and contact list. This feature comes in handy when your friend or colleague asks for your smartphone to play a game or make an ‘emergency’ call. In addition, it also locks the Facebook and Gmail app, Settings, and much more.

Lock Calls

It not only locks contacts, but also puts restricts access to incoming and outgoing calls. This means you have to enter the password for calling anyone or attending any calls. This feature keeps snoops from misusing your smartphone.

Lock Gallery

AppLock also locks gallery to restrict access to your pictures and videos. You may also select the photos and videos which you do not want anyone else to see and move them to a locked folder via this app.

Multiple Lock Options

One of the distinguishing features of AppLock is that it offers multiple lock options. You can either set a password or a pattern to unlock the apps.

Uninstallation Prevention

The first thing snoops look to do is to uninstall an app locker from the device so that they can easily get access to users’ private data. That, however, is notpossible in the case of AppLock. It can only be uninstalled after entering the password you set, which means no one except you can uninstall it.

User-Friendly Interface

If you are not a tech savvy person, then this app is definitely a good choice for you. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easier to lock and unlock the apps. It also offers multiple profiles for different people. For instance, you may create a profile for your kid who plays games on your device so that all the apps except the game app become locked.


AppLock is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 and up. If you’re using a mobile device with an older version of Android, be sure to upgrade to a more recent version before installing this app.

Lock Play Store

AppLock lets you restrict access to Google Play Store on your device so that your kids, friends, colleagues, or partner can’t download apps on your device unless you permit them to do so.


Overall, AppLock is a great app that definitely delivers what is expected of it. If you’re contemplating installing a reliable app locker on your mobile device, and AppLock sure is the best option available.

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