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Apps Lock and Gallery Hider Review: A Great Way to Secure Your Android Data

If you are too lazy to delete your personal messages, remove your chat history, and transfer your private images from your smartphone to your laptop on a regular basis, then you must take an extra bit of precaution to ensure that your Android phone stays safe from snoops. The best way of doing this is by using a reliable, efficient and easy to use app locker like Apps Lock & Gallery Hider. It is one of the most popular app lockers, mainly because of its advanced features and simplicity of use. Let’s find out more about this this app in this Apps Lock and Gallery Hider Android review.

Lock SMS and Contacts

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider does a wonderful job of locking SMS and contacts so that no one can get access to your contact list and private conversation.

Lock Calls

This apps locker locks system apps like contacts, settings, SMS etc., but it does not lock incoming and outgoing calls, which is a bit of a disappointment as anyone with access to your phone can not only receive a call, but also call anyone, even if other apps are locked.

Lock Gallery

This apps locker uses unorthodox ways to keeps your images and videos safe. It not only locks the Gallery app to keep snoops and spies from misusing your private photos and videos, but also offers the Private Camera feature. This feature auto-saves the images directly to a hidden folder. You can also encrypt media for additional protection.

Multiple Lock Options

It offers Double Door Protection, a feature that is rarely found in other app lockers. It requires you to set up 2 locks using pin or pattern for the desired app. Adding this extra layer of security provides assurance that your data is safe.

Installation Prevention

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider does everything it can to prevent unauthorized access to the data on your phone. Firstly, it allows you to hide its icon from the app drawer so that no one can know you are using this app. Secondly, it sends break-in alerts in case anyone tries to access the locked apps. Most importantly, it has a strong protection system that keeps intruders from uninstalling it.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a user-friendly interface with all the options and settings laid out in a very simple and accessible manner. It offers two primary options, which are Apps Lock and Gallery Hider. The first option has three additional sub-options, namely System (for locking system apps), Downloaded (for locking downloaded apps), and Advanced (for locking SMS, contacts, settings etc.). Tapping the relevant option will allow you to lock the desired app or folder.


Apps Lock& Gallery Hider is compatible with Android 2.3 and up. Although the developer claims that it is compatible on Lollipop 5.0 and up, we found it to be crashing frequently on the said OS version.

Locks Play Store

This app locker does not lock Google Play Store or any other app store, which is a major drawback as it allows kids to download whatever time-wasting or inappropriate app they want on the phone.


Apps Lock & Gallery Hider is a nifty app locker that does its job wonderfully. Its simple interface and advanced features makes it a must-have for all those Android users who are worried about their privacy and data safety.

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