Are Health Apps Actually Helpful?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was never as easy as it is now, thanks to a variety of mobile health apps. There are more than 6,700 of these apps specially designed for performing different tasks like tracking health record, setting reminders for hospital visit, connecting patients with doctors, sending calls and messages to doctors in case of emergency, etc. These apps are not only useful for patients, but also for healthy people as they help them maintain their body weight, cholesterol level, sugar level, etc. Here is how health apps are positively changing the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Ensures Regular Patient-Doctor Interaction

Hate going to the doctor in another city for a post-treatment checkup? Well, you can now rely on health apps to keep in touch with your doctor without having to make a physical trip all the way to the latter’s clinic or hospital. In fact, you can talk to them any time you want. So, stop worrying if your blood pressure has suddenly increased or your sugar level is dropping low. Just consult your doctor through a health app for a quick solution.

Offers Convenience and Saves Time

Are you too busy or simply too lazy to visit the doctor personally for picking your medical test results? If yes, then use a health app to get the documents in soft copy. You can also use these apps to schedule appointments with your doctor, thus saving you time. On the other hand, these apps also keep physicians updated about their patient’s current health condition.

Reduces Health Care Costs

Health apps have cut half the health care costs by providing you with health services right at your doorstep. You do not need to spend money for visiting your doctor every other day when you can talk to him via these apps. Health apps also keep your health record online, allowing you to check your tests right away instead of relying on someone else to get them for you.

Improves Health

The core purpose of health apps is to improve the overall health of not only patients, but also healthy people, and so far, they’re doing their job pretty well. These apps have improved the effectiveness of the health system by helping patients to remain aware of their current health conditions and take preventive measures. They have also saved the lives of thousands of people by allowing them to consult their doctors immediately in case of an emergency.

Makes Self-Monitoring Easier

Health apps make it easier for you to keep track of your health. There are apps specially designed to send reminders for medicine intake. In the same way, there are hundreds of apps that are quite helpful in managing weight, breaking smoking addiction, maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level, etc.


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