Are Mobile Games Taking Over the Video Games Industry?

Mobile phone games seems to be the talk of the town lately as almost everyone is trying out different games available on app stores. So does that mean that the era of console/PC gaming is over? Are smartphone games the next big thing? Well, it is taking over the video game industry in one way, but if you look at it from the perspective of hardcore gamers, you will see that none of them even pay attention to what new is coming on smartphones. Let’s discuss both perspectives in detail.

Mobile Games Win by Numbers

If you do the math, you can see why mobile video games get more attention. First of all, most smartphone games are available for free with ads integrated within them. A large number of users download them just for the sake of downloading them, which increases their reach. Another advantage of mobile gaming is user base. Almost every single person on the planet now owns a smartphone and as mentioned above, they visit the app store on regular basis and download random stuff from there just because it’s free. This number advantage really helps the developers as they are able to earn as much money as AAA games developer without spending as much time or money into their project. This has been a major attraction point for gaming companies, which is why you see a lot of popular developers making separate teams to work on smartphone games as well.

Hardcore Gamers Don’t Really Like Smartphone Games

Hardcore gamers have spent their whole lives playing video games and they aren’t attracted to the smartphone games whatsoever. Mobile games are targeted for casual gamers who are just looking to pass their time. Hardcore gamers don’t even consider these games as games. They want a title that has a good story, good gameplay mechanics, good visuals, etc. Mobile games on the other hand have limited gameplay mechanics that would only keep a user intrigued for a short period of time. Mobile games have engraved their footing in the video game industry, but they won’t be replacing AAA titles anytime soon.

There’s Room for Both

As far as the question of mobile games taking over the video game industry goes, that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future because there are millions of hardcore gamers out there who would still like to get immersed in the gaming worlds. Freemium model for mobile games is attractive for the casual users as they are able to download games without paying anything. Casual gamers don’t want to pay too much money for a game, which is why they avoid AAA titles that are usually available on Xbox, PlayStation or PC. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, are willing to pay their hard earned cash for an experience that is worth the price. This is a major difference between the two communities which will keep both mobile and console/PC gaming alive.


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