Are mobile phones safe ? Latest Studies and Reports

Andrea Boland, the Maine State Representative, is filing a bill this March to instruct and require mobile phone manufacturers to put a precautionary message on every mobile phone purchased stating, “this device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer. Users especially children and pregnant women, should keep this device away from the head and body.

However, there is no proof according to World Health Organization and National Cancer Institute that using mobile phones may increase the risk of cancer. Contrary to this, Scientists are not in a hurry to conclude that mobile phones are safe to use. According to a neurologist from Washington, independent studies found some biological side effects from the use of mobile phone compared to industry-funded studies because whatever findings found it would lean towards the industry’s advantage.

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Countries like Finland, Israel and France have given directions for mobile phone use. Mayor Gavin of San Francisco is looking into the issue. He is hoping that putting warning labels about radiation will be printed in the mobile phones case and manual. The radiation emitted by mobile phones is more powerful than FM radio signals but is far from being a carcinogenic compared to X-rays.

Radio Frequency radiation is too weak to alter any genetic make up of a human to be linked to cancer. However, in 1995 there is a study conducted, a single 2 hour exposure to radio frequency to rats had shown some damage in the brain cells. This procedure was repeated in 2004 by the European Union and discovered similar conclusion. Researches funded by the mobile phone industry did not have the same result.

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority , Finland’s Photo

At Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, has conducted a research that radio frequency may harm the cells indirectly, it showed that radio frequency is disrupting the cells that are lining the blood vessels which in turn weakens the cell’s ability to repair.

With this study it is still too early to announce that mobile phones are safe. Brain cancers may take decades to develop, and studies conducted are still premature to conclude the results of the studies because the time and control given were too short and incomplete. It will still take several decades of thorough research and study to be able to determine the real effects of radio frequency emission to the human body.

We still have a long time to wait for a conclusive verdict about the effects of radio frequency radiation emission of mobile phone. There are ways to lessen the radiation emission by using the mobile phone speaker, connecting to a wired headset or using mobile case that redirects the waves away from the head. Do not give mobile phones to young children because they are more susceptible to cell damage due to their thin skulls.

They can use mobile phones to text instead of voice calls.

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