Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is Playing a Huge Role

Artificial intelligence has now become a part of lives. Even in our everyday routine, we are using AI without even realizing it. We use Google search every day and whatever we search, the AI keeps an eye on it and soon starts giving you results that are in line with your previous researches. Similarly artificial intelligence in healthcare has started to become a huge thing lately.

You as a patient or as a regular person may not realize the importance of it, but they are playing a huge role. The job of medical experts has been made a whole lot easier. The best part about AI is that it’s not restricted in any way. It can be used in different fields and can be equally effective. This has been the strength of AI.

AI can take a lot of forms, it can be a plethora of algorithms designed to check on human cognitive functions or it could be used for diagnosing certain diseases. As discussed above, AI is not limited by any means and that feat alone makes it an amazing tool. It can be integrated into anything and can help make things even more useful than they already are.

The functionality is endless and that’s where artificial intelligence shines the brightest. There are a lot of ways AI is being used in the modern era, and some of the major uses of artificial intelligence in Healthcare have been discussed below.


A big part of keeping a patient healthy is through keeping a check on their daily vitals. However, a doctor can’t do that for each and every one of their patients. This is where monitoring AI play a huge role. They are capable of storing patient’s medical history and whenever the patient comes back, the doctor can just pull back the old file, compare the vitals from before, and can make a diagnosis quite easily. This is a fast and efficient process that saves everyone time, and helps patient stay healthier.

New AI for monitoring is always being developed. Currently, the work is being done on drug related AI that will let doctors know how intoxicated a certain individual is. The drug addicts usually lie about their intake and this is where an AI could be incredibly useful. Some of them lie outright just to get drugs prescribed from the doctor, whereas some of them lie because they are ashamed of their actions. Either way, the doctor suffers as they can potentially make a wrong decision.

Having an AI in these circumstances is mighty helpful. It can assess the current amount of drug being taken by the patient without any hassle, and will provide accurate results. With an accurate report in hand, the doctor will be able to treat their patients in a better way, and may even help them get off drugs, which would absolutely life-changing. Most of the addicts are unwillingly addicted and want to get rid of this habit.

Customer Oriented AI

Some of the patients have basic symptoms, for which they don’t really need a doctor. However, the patient doesn’t know that. In these cases, the customer oriented AI for healthcare can be a huge help. The patients can call a certain number, provide their symptoms and if they don’t need a doctor, then they are told so.

Furthermore, if what they are suffering from is a small disease that can be easily cured through some medicine, then that particular medicine is transcribed to them. It is easy and convenient. NHS England has deployed such kind of AI and it has been working phenomenally for them.

In today’s routine, it is difficult to find a time to visit a doctor. However, with customer oriented AI, you can get your hands on the medicine you require without leaving your house. That itself is a blessing. Although some people can misuse this service to get their hands on drugs, but certain systems are in place to prevent that from happening.

Drug Development

IBM and other major tech giants are working on AI that can study the symptoms of some of the major diseases and come up with the Drug that’s relatively safer to use. Microsoft and Google are also working on an AI that could help in curing the incurable diseases like cancer. It is going to be a long road, but the tech giants are committed to their work and are coming up with new AI all the time to tackle all kinds of diseases.

Things have changed now and tech giants are trying their very best to assist the doctors in the modern day. This alternatively helps the patients, which is great. No one is left unsatisfied. The direction healthcare has taken with the recent AI developments is certainly great and I’m sure we will see more of it in the near future. The developers behind these AI are not done yet and they will keep on coming up with new ways to make AI relevant and reduce the workload for both doctors and patients alike.