AT&T Introduces 49$ Samsung Focus 2: The Cheapest LTE Windows Phone Present

Today Morning one of the leading telecommunication services, AT&T has surprisingly introduced a new device  the LTE-friendly Samsung Focus 2 under their Focus series of Windows Phone. This new Device is expected to launch on May 20 at about a price of $49.99 with a contract of 2 years.

Its obvious that Focus 2 may not get an initial publicity like that of Lumia 900 , since their had been less campaigns on it compared to Nokia’s Lumia 900 which was a huge release in the market. But the so called Samsung Focus 2 got a few Attention since last week , where it was Called Samsung Mandel.

Though we know about the release date and the Looks of this Phone , Samsung and AT&T  both are not disclosing the exact features of this Mobile. But we do know some of its features which was leaked today. The Focus 2 has a 4-inch Super AMOLED display , most probably with a standard screen size of 800×480. A 5-Megapixel rear Camera and a VGA front-Facer camera is also expected to have in this device.

Another leaked report says that the device is Equipped with an Internal Memory of 8GB only, but still its not completely certain whether this configuration is finalized for the final build. The Samsung Focus 2 has been covered with a Glossy white Body which really makes it look good and is just under 11mm thick.

Since from the tittle of this post its clear that the it is counted among one of the cheapest Windows Mobiles available. Samsung has previously released two Focus Windows Phones last year – Focus Flash and Focus S , which were also very Budget Friendly. Maybe economical factors forced out AT&T to partner with Samsung. Apart from Samsung , this Year AT&T had also joined with Nokia and HTC for its Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II.

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