Easily organize your photos with Bundle

Auto-Organize Your Photos with Bundle’s New App

AutoAlbum feature of the app auto-creates albums and puts related images in them.

A large number of people use their smartphones to take pictures of themselves, places and other things that interest them. Taking pictures is fine and all, but the problem arises when users realizes that they have taken more than enough photos and it’s time to organize them. Previously, organizing images might have been a huge hassle, but now Amsterdam-based start-up called Bundle has come up with a new app which makes this task a whole lot easier.

There are a lot of photo organizing apps available, but what separates Bundle from the rest is its feature called AutoAlbum. This feature utilizes machine learning technology to establish which images belong in which album. After it has successfully made an album, it then uses computer vision technology to find the best photos to avoid duplications.

It also allows users to connect to some popular storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive. Connecting to these services enable users to keep their photos saved in full resolution.

Upon testing, Bundle worked incredibly well. However, there were a couple of pictures that went into the non-related album, but users can always take them out. There’s no doubting the effort that has been put into creating this app and it will certainly make the job of organizing images a lot smoother and faster for the users.


Image Courtesy: dutchcowboys.nl

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