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How to Avoid Scams on a Black Friday?

Black Friday seems to be a lucrative opportunity, especially in the current times where people prefer shopping for their favorite product online rather spending time in the crowded shopping malls.

While people may save themselves from getting mobbed in the jam-packed malls during Black Friday sales, they should also learn the tactics to avoid scams on the internet that Black Friday browsing usually leaves open for them.

In this post, we will discuss how you can avoid scams on Black Friday sales and have a safe online shopping experience without risking your important online data.

How to Avoid Scams on Black Friday?

Some of the helpful tips have been outlined below:

Buy from Trustworthy Traders

online traders

It’s always safe to shop from trustworthy and reliable traders, shops, and brands when it comes to online shopping. You wouldn’t want to shop from a trader whom you cannot trust. Reliable online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, PC World, Best Buy, ToysRUs are having one of the greatest Black Friday sales which you must check out. It’s safer to buy from these trusted eCommerce websites as they’ve been doing business for over a long time now and have garnered excellent repute over the years.

Do Some Research

do research

It is better to do some digging before purchasing an item from an online website during Black Friday sales. If you’re going to purchase something from an unknown online retailer, make sure you have thoroughly research about them in detail first. Usually, the best way to dig up more details about an online retailer is looking for the reviews posted on their website. These customer reviews really help in deciding whether an online retailer is reliable or not. If you come across something suspicious on the website, especially its content, and you feel its copied from somewhere else, stop right there until you confirm the authenticity of the website. However, if you’re still not sure of the website you’re going to purchase from, just have a look at its URL. The website should have an HTTPS link and not an HTTP link because the former ensures your transaction is completed securely.

Pay with a Secure Method

pay with a secure method

Using a secure method of payment is really significant regardless of the website you’re shopping from. Instead of opting for any direct money transfers, always go for secure means of payment using a debit/credit card or PayPal. Having said that, we still give a high preference to a credit card over others as it helps in recovering your charges in case there’s any dispute with the online trader. The dispute charges can be claimed if your order never arrives in a bad condition or never arrives at all. Apart from paying attention to the payment method, you should always use a two-factor authentication while shopping online as it adds a second layer of your security to your account. Not every online retailer offers a 2FA except for Amazon.

Do not Open Suspicious Links

do not open suspicious links

To avoid scams or from getting a virus infected on your device, you should never bother paying heed to any suspicious web links you come across. Whether you receive the unfamiliar links via an email, on a WhatsApp chat, or on your Facebook feed, you must learn to avoid them. The cost of opening those links might be quite higher with your online data and personal information being put at risk. You never know what kind of malware the link contains. Therefore, you need to make every effort to stay away from opening them.

Update Your Antivirus Program

update your antivirus program

Speaking of malware, never forget that while you’re shopping online, there might be some prying eyes who are looking for ways to sneak into your device or hacking your account. Such cyberattacks do happen. Therefore, before you begin your online shopping, make sure to get your phone software and antivirus program updated because you wouldn’t want to risk your personal data getting into the wrong hands.

Reconfirm the Prices

reconfirm the prices

More often than not, some online retailers claim to put up a grand sale on their items at occasions such as Black Fridays when in reality they haven’t really given much discount. They hike up the current price of the item and then put up a discount to bring them back to their original price. This technique can be tricky and is practiced by many retailers all across the globe. Many customers fall prey to it without checking the original prices. Therefore, you need to reconfirm the prices of the items from other sources before making your purchase.


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