Baby Monitor 3G Review

Baby Monitor 3G is an Excellent App for Monitoring Your Baby

Baby Monitor 3G has been getting a lot of attention since making its way to Android and iOS, so we decided to give it a try as well. When we first got the app, the expectations were pretty low, but now that we used it for a few days, we have to say that developer TappyTaps has done a pretty good job of creating the perfect parenting tool for parents.

Video Review of Baby Monitor 3G

Supported Devices

  • Windows PC
  • Chromebook
  • Apple TV
  • Mac PC and MacBook
  • Android Devices
  • iPhone and iPad

Complete Details of Baby Monitor 3G Features


The main function of this app is to keep an eye on your baby, and it does that pretty well. Through Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE connectivity, you can hear and see whatever your kids are doing without much of a problem.

Monitor Through Multiple Devices

One of the best parts of Baby Monitor 3G is it doesn’t restrict the app usage to one person only. This means that both father and the mother can keep tabs on their kids at all times. This is something that isn’t found in other apps, making it a must have for the parents like yourself.


Lullabies is another brilliant feature that can do wonders. When you’re outside and just can’t be with your kids, just play different lullabies through the app. The app itself doesn’t contain any, but you can add them on your own.

Talk Through Mic

If you aren’t feeling well and can’t go to your kid’s room every time they wake up, then you can utilize the “Talk” feature. It allows you to communicate with your babies by pressing the “Talk” button, no matter where you are.

Night Light

Children want dark but not that dark and the people behind Baby Monitor 3G have it noted. They have included a Night Light feature that enables the device near them to stay lit as long as they’re asleep.

All of the aforementioned features combined make for an amazing app. It’s a must have for the parents who can’t be with their kids at all times.

How It Works

Now that we know what features it comes with, it’s time to see how it actually works. First, you have to purchase and download the app on the device that’ll be monitoring your kid. It will then ask you to register your device (or devices) with the app. Just do so and you’re set. In simple terms, we can say that there are two basic steps, first for registering a device that will be keeping an eye on your kid, and then registering the device that you will be using to monitor them. It’s just that simple.

Security and Privacy

An always online app is always a security and privacy threat, however, when using Baby Monitor 3G, you won’t have to worry about either. The developers have taken steps to ensure safety of your information, so that your privacy doesn’t get affected in any way.

The Final Word on Baby Monitor 3G

All in all, Baby Monitor 3G is a solid app. Parents who are mostly out of the home and can’t keep an eye on their kids, will surely find this app to be a huge help. It works great and contains a ton of features that every parent craves for. The best part is multi-device support as it allows multiple individuals to keep an eye on the kids at all times. This is something new, refreshing, and most importantly, it helps a lot. So, if you, along with your partner are looking to raise a kid and keep focus on the work as well, then Baby Monitor 3G comes highly recommended.

Find out more about Baby Monitor 3G on its official website.

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