Why You Should Background Check Yourself

The biggest points of your life story, including your birth, residences, criminal history, and marriage is available to everyone online. Since some of the significant moments in your life are a matter of public record, anybody who wants to can learn them through a service like Instant Checkmate. Typically, these public records are accessed by somebody who wants to know if their friends or acquaintances have a criminal past. But people also have the power to view the contents of their own background check. Here are three good reasons why you should do a background check yourself before other people do.

1) Guard Against Identity Theft

Since your public records, and your reputation, are all online, you have the power to guard your identity from people who mean it harm. Identity theft affects over 10 million people every year. A crook who accesses your sensitive information like social security number, driver’s license number, or online passwords can destroy your online reputation in a way that can take years to undo. The best guard against identity thieves is to be vigilant by regularly checking both your credit report and doing a background check on yourself. If you ever see a lot of information that you don’t recognize, you can know immediately before it’s too late.

2) See What Others See

Background checks used to be a tool used by formal organizations, but an increasing number of everyday people use them to check on their friends and acquaintances. Online daters also use background checks to learn more about potential mates before setting up a face-to-face date. If you don’t know what’s on your background check report, then you simply don’t know what other people are seeing. Checking your public records gives you a chance to explain away anything that might require an explanation (like that old college arrest record).

3) Check For Accuracy

The information on your background check isn’t always accurate. Administrative errors can sometimes record addresses where you have never lived, list the wrong birth date, or even record your marriage, but not your divorce. If you have ever had a crime expunged from your record, it’s possible that it still mistakenly appears on a background check. The only way to ensure that all of the information on your background check is fully true to your life is by checking on it yourself. While most online background checks are not 100% accurate, they’re still a great place to start.

Control Your Life Story

The digital age has issued in a new era of unprecedented transparency. The days when you could be assured that no one could find out about your past are long gone. Since so many people have access to your public records, it only makes sense that you understand what public records can reveal about you. By doing your own background check, you can control your life story as other people see it. About Author Silas Badger is a blogger from Harrisberg, Pennsylvania.  He writes about internet security, blogging, and social media.

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