Batman Arkham City : Most Critically Acclaimed Super Hero Game ever [Game Review]

batman arkham city super hero game review

The Batman Arkham City is attributed as one of the most  critically acclaimed Super hero games ever by Guinness Worlds records. In this game the dark and the sinister world of batman is portrayed very well by Arkham Asylum and the storyline is based on the comic book mythos. Here you play the role as the caped crusader who fights against one of the most famous villians of all time like Joker and Poison Ivy who wish to take over Gotham City.

About The Game

The crew that created Batman Arkham City game had done a great job in making the game more exciting by adding almost everyone from Batman Story’s so far. Joker , Catwomen, Dr. Hugo Strange , Two-face, Mr. Freeze and Penguin are all present there in the Villain list making the game more Dangerous and Thrilling.


You can Play the game as a Good Guy which includes Batman , Robin , Alfred and Oracle, Catwomen and Commissioner Gorden. The main role is played by Batman, with his repertoire moves which is being updated to support multiple take-downs , better animation and more fantastic moves to the collection.

The Gliding ability of Batman has been publicized greatly in this game, with many open areas provided the Batman has the ability to swoop down as well as grapple to higher areas mid-flight to enhance further movements. More exciting features such as cryptographer has been added which has been enhanced to track transmissions , along with tuning of detective mode which is supposed to serve more as an augmented reality than anything else.  Riddler Puzzles also make a comeback this time with great mechanics. Also adding traps around trophies which makes you use your skills to disarm them and rescue hostages after collecting certain number of hostages. Being able to play as Catwomen and Robin has been another great idea by the designers.

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batman arkham city review : the most exciting game ever batman arkham city screenshot batman Glider gliding review

Another interesting addition to this game is the “New game Plus” mode. This mode is basically unlocked after you have completed the Game. By using this mode you can play over the full game again but with all your new abilities and weaponry that you gained at the same level you finished the game. Also the location of your foes will be moved away to a bit higher level. This mode was just made for people to play this game over and over again.

The Game looks very challenging , its a must Try game and has great ingredients to make you busy along with keeping you entertained with more weapons, refined combats , newer villains , new modes , a good backstory and much more. This game costs around 99$ for Pc and is available to be purchased in Amazon.

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