Batman Return to Arkham

Batman Return to Arkham Releasing Oct. 18

Warner Bros has announced that it will be launching the highly anticipated remaster, Batman Return to Arkham on October 18. The graphics have seen a bit of an improvement to match the new gen hardware and you catch a glimpse of these changes in this trailer.

Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City were amongst the best games to release on last generation of consoles, and with Return to Arkham collection, people on new gen machines will also be able to enjoy them.

Arkham Asylum is bit linear story that focuses on Joker’s shenanigans in the infamous prison. Arkham City on the other hand is open to exploration as players are allowed to visit some of the popular places in Gotham at will.

Both of these games are amazing and deserved to be played by the fans that may have missed them out on last gen. Best part is you won’t have to wait for much longer as Batman Return to Arkham comes out in just over a month.