Batman The Telltale Series

Batman The Telltale Series to Debut Next Month

The highly anticipated Batman The Telltale Series is set to make its debut sometime in August. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait very long for the concrete release date as the developers have announced that they will launch a new trailer at San Diego Comic Con in which they will shed light on the game’s story and will reveal the actual release date for the game’s first episode.

Furthermore, they assured that Batman will not drag on for months, as it will begin and end in 2016. That’s not all though as they also announced that the game will get a retail release in September, which once bought will allow players to get their hands on each upcoming episode as soon as they are made available for digital download.

Telltale has been on quite a roll since 2013 as it has released several ‘game of the year’ contenders since then. People are expecting Batman The Telltale Series to be another masterpiece, let’s hope developers are able to deliver this time around as well.

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