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Battlefield 1 Beta to Begin Shortly After Gamescom 2016

One of the highly anticipated video games of this year, Battlefield 1 will open its doors for the players for the first time right after Gamescom 2016. This news comes from Sebastian Moritz, DICE community manager in Germany. Speaking in a live stream, Moritz revealed that Battlefield 1 beta will take place “shortly after” Gamescom 2016, which is scheduled to take place from 17 to 21 August.

Battlefield 1 is taking the franchise to World War 1 and it’s the main reason people are skeptical about it. However, DICE doesn’t want you to purchase the game just because you liked the previous ones, which is why they will be allowing you to get your hands on it during the beta phase.

This is where you can judge the game by actually playing it. World War 1 setting hasn’t really been explored much, which is exactly the reason EA has gone down this route. They want to tell the tales of the war, and they want the new generation to get familiar with the weaponry that was available at that time.

Don’t expect fast jets, assault rifles, EMP grenades, or anything modern because it’s the old days and you will need teamwork and survival skills to make it out alive.

The game seems quite promising, but we will only be able to give our actual verdict when get our hands on Battlefield 1 beta which will most likely come around at the end of this month or during the early weeks of September.

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