benefits of iphone 4s

Benefits of the Newly Launched iPhone 4S

We’ve been using smartphones and none seem to compare with Apple’s iPhone series. There just seem to be new things to be unveiled in the iPhones as new products are being rolled out. Firstly, Apple’s products are respected for their masterful iOS operating system that seems to carry every user along. This is not alone, there’s no mobile phone that has been built to have a large amount of storage space like the iPhone.

In this post, we shall be looking into the benefits of Apple’s latest series of iPhone, the iPhone 4S, which is the successor of iPhone 4.

Siri Personal Assistant makes your mobile experience lively

Siri Personal Assistant makes your mobile experience livelySiri is a program incorporated into iPhone 4S. It serves as a personal assistant to the user. All you have to do is say what you want, as Siri’s job is to carry it out. It actually understands everything you seem to be saying. You can set reminders on your iPhone 4S with Siri.

There are a host of other things Siri can do for you on your iPhone 4S. This actually means you don’t necessarily need to know the in and out of your iPhone 4S. Siri runs applications, creates events, schedules calls and sms, searches for places and keeps bookings for you on your iPhone 4S.

If you don’t like Apple’s products for anything (which is always very rare) you should like it because of Siri.


iPhone 4S- features-of - icloudYou know of dropbox and the rest, to backup your data online? iCloud is not like them. You might be wondering what this is if you haven’t seen or operated the iPhone 4S? iCloud helps you backup your data on the cloud, not that alone. It also backups your data on any other iOS gadget you have. If for example, you have an iPod, iPad and an iPhone 4S, you can backup the files on your iPhone 4S and see them on your other two devices.

The iCloud on the iPhone 4S has been very useful for my lunarpages discount and icontact coupon blog. I can actually backup my posts after writing them, even when I’m not ready to get them published.

A5 chip, for faster processing

apple-A5-chip-iphone-4s- for faster processing

Apple probably knew that with all the new eccentric features the iPhone 4S would be carrying, there’s bound to be something to keep the iPhone 4S from being what it is expected to be, perhaps performing slower that it’s ancestors. To prevent that from happening, they decided to give it a bigger processor.

With all that’s on your iPhone 4S, you have no fears because the A5 chip processor is capable of running everything smooth and clean. What are your expectations for the iPhone 4S that have not been met? Please share them below.