The Major Benefits of Using a Parental Control Software

Today’s generation is dependent on the internet. Be it adults or children, every person believes that internet has become an inherent part of their families. With the invention of laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, it is easier for children to have an access to the internet. From seeking help for a school assignment to playing online games with their friends, the internet has surely been helpful for them. However, there is also a dark side of the internet. In fact, it is being considered a dangerous tool for the children as the number of cyber attacks have increased over time. As far as kids are concerned, they are being constantly getting exposed to online dangers such as cyberbullying, pornography, violation, malicious content, engagement with pedophiles, and various social media scams.

If you are the parent of a younger child or a teenager who makes a regular use of the internet then you must protect your child from the online dangers. It is important to make sure that your electronic device (computer, mobile phone, or tablet) and your internet connection is protected with a parental control software. If it’s not, then this is something that you will need to do. Though there are many children who use the internet without running into any troubles such as online harassment, cyberbullying or communicating with a pedophile, we wouldn’t want you to take any chance on your child.

Why Should You Get a Parental Control Software?

One of the major reasons why you should opt for a parental control is because you can easily protect your child when they are using the internet. Though parental controls come in various different formats (they’re available in the form of a software and parental control apps are also available) majority of them let you block websites that you do not want your child to see. That means if you do not want your child to use YouTube or any other social media site then you can easily block them.

Another reason for deploying a parental control software on your child’s device is that they are super easy to install and are self-explanatory. You do not need any expert’s opinion to learn how to operate them.

Being parents, we wish for our children’s security and we want to make sure they are completely safe on the internet. If we happen to keep them protected in the outside world then it is critical to understand that they also need firm protection from the perils of the internet world. To keep the internet from hampering your child’s personal life as well as academic progress, we need to seek help from parental controls. With the evident rise in the porn sites on the internet, it is not difficult for our children to get access to them. Therefore, under these conditions, we must require getting a parental control installed on our children’s’ devices. These parental control tools help you control, monitor, and secure your child’s online experience quite easily from anywhere in the world and at any given time.

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Benefits of a Parental Control Software

An efficient parental control comprises a few features. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Blocking Inappropriate Content

A good parental control software has the ability to filter your child’s online activity in real-time. It basically blocks access to inappropriate content present on the internet such as violence related videos/pictures and pornography material. With a parental control, we can block certain undesirable websites which we feel are not suitable for our children. By blocking those websites, we can provide our kids a secure shield. Some parental controls also allow us to directly block the categories of a website.

Blocking Apps

As mentioned earlier, parental controls come in various formats. They’re available for computers, smartphones, and tablets. There are Android parental control apps as well as iPhone parental control apps. When you’ve deployed a parental control app on your child’s smartphone, then you can also block apps on it. This is really helpful when you do not want your child to access certain apps. When you’ve blocked the app, your child won’t be able to access it. Similarly, you also have an option of blocking certain apps for few hours of the day.

Monitoring SMS and Chat Messengers

The best way to find out whether your child is engaged in sharing inappropriate content with others or having a conversating with a pedophile on his phone is to monitor your child’s SMS and chat messages. A parental control software helps you monitor your child’s messages and find out if they are talking to the right people. You can not only monitor their SMS’s but also their conversation threads on various social media apps/websites.


Tracking Internet Activity

Another major benefit of using a parental control software is that you can keep a track on your child’s internet activity. This will ensure that he is not watching any harmful or inappropriate content on the internet. Once you find out he’s watching something which he should avoid, you can always stop him at the right time and revoke his internet access at any time. When a child knows that his online activity is being monitored all the time, he will refrain from viewing any inappropriate content.

Tracking Location

One of the best features of parental controls is that they give you the ability to track your child’s location. You can always remain informed about your child’s whereabouts and track their location on your device. For instance, when your child is stuck in an emergency situation, having an access to his location can help you find out the place where he is and then reach him within no time.

Scheduling the Internet

As responsible parents, it is our duty to make sure that our children are using their time constructively. With the help of a parental control tool, we can allow a specific time schedule when our kids can use the internet. For instance, we can decide which days and hours our children can access the internet and also for how long they can use it. This lets your child use the internet in set time slot only. The same feature prevents your child from getting addicted to the internet as well. During the times of abundant homework, assignments as well as examinations, this feature proves to be extremely helpful.

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