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Best Alternates for Facebook and Messenger App


Facebook and Messenger apps are great, but there are some problems with them. Firstly, they are two different apps when they should’ve been one. Secondly, they consume a lot of storage space and have an update almost every single week. Thirdly, they use up a lot of RAM, hence slowing down other functions. If you use both of these apps on regular basis, then you must know how much of a hassle it is to switch between them and wait for them load every single time. Fortunately, some developers around the world realized how much of nuisance both of these apps were becoming, and came up with new apps of their own, which integrated both the Facebook and Messenger apps. These apps are brilliantly designed, are pretty lightweight, doesn’t consume much of your RAM, and do their job pretty well. If like us, you are also tired of switching between the two apps, then you should also try out the following apps.


Friendly is probably the best alternative for the two apps. It integrates them both and does that brilliantly well. You can check newsfeed and messages through this app and if you want, you can customize your newsfeed as well. There is an option to prioritize certain pages or people, an option that enables you to remove certain keywords from the newsfeed, and much more. All options that you find in actual Facebook and Messenger app are present here as well. So, if you are looking to experience both apps without the hassle of switching, then Friendly is your best bet. You can get your hands on this app for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

Puffin for Facebook

Puffin for Facebook is another good alternate but it is pretty low key. It is basically a browser that runs both Messenger and Facebook at the same time, so you won’t get the premium experience. However, if you just want to check both of these platforms on slow internet or limited mobile data, then Puffin for Facebook can come in handy. It is extremely lightweight, so you won’t run into any performance issues either. Furthermore, it offers newsfeed options, in which you can prioritize or hide stuff at will. If you are looking for an app that completely replaces Facebook and Messenger, then this is not the app to go for. However, if you are using low-budget smartphone, limited mobile data, or if you just want to check what’s new on your newsfeed, then Puffin for Facebook is your app.

Swipe for Facebook

Swipe for Facebook does not compete with Friendly, but is a better option than Puffin. It comes with a ton of customization options like changing visual design, color scheme, and layout. However, its structure is still browser-like which makes it pretty lightweight and user-friendly. You can easily perform all of desired functions like reading messages, accepting/rejecting friend requests, checking out Timeline, checking out newsfeed, and much more. If Puffin for Facebook doesn’t fit your needs, then you can give Swipe for Facebook a shot – it functions in almost the similar fashion but has a few more features up its sleeves.