Alternatives for Dropbox

Best Alternatives for Dropbox

We guess you have heard about cloud storages. Dropbox is exactly such service that allows people to synchronize, back up and store files among network of computers. Once you install the application on your computer, the files that you place in the automatically created Dropbox folder will be uploaded to the server and synched among other users using Linux, Mac or Windows OS. If you don’t want to go for the paid versions, Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage. If you don’t feel like this is going to be enough, then you can go for the paid versions that can go up to 100GB. You can also review the best services available for online storage at However, Dropbox is not the only service that offers such features, as a matter of fact there are many alternatives for Dropbox, and below we will list some of them.

Windows Live Sync

This platform also gives the user 2 GB of free storage as well as synchronization and automatic backup. Unfortunately, as the name goes, only Windows computers, making it a fairly poor choice for people who use Mac OS or Linux, support this service! However, there are positive effects to this as well, because it has great integration with the operation system allowing synchronization with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office to cater your data storage needs.

Spider Oak

Unlike the previous application, this one offers support of Mac, Windows and Linux as well. The amount of free storage is again set to 2GB. Dropbox, however, only synchronizes items that are located in its folder while Spider Oak has a great configurability. The people who are using Spider Oak can go as high as 100GB of storage, which is, of course, paid.

Mozy Home

This product is really interesting because it focuses more on the automatic online backup than synchronization.  The amount of free space is 2GB again. Interesting concept is the idea of synchronization – it happens when the computer is idle. After the first backup is made, Mozy Home will only backup the changes applied to those files. The data on their servers is encrypted, so you can be sure you will not have any problems with your privacy. The old versions of your files will be stored for 30 days. It also supports Mac OS and Linux.


SugarSync provides 2GB of free storage with Mac OS X and Windows clients. All the uploaded files are encrypted, so only you can see your files – even the employees of SugarSync will not be able to view them. SugarSync will keep the last 5 versions of your files. The user interface is really friendly and allows sharing functions to different social networks.

You can download SugarSync manager for free.

So if you have been searching for the best alternative for Dropbox, here you have got multiple options in this regard. Now just go and choose one according to your storage needs.