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Best Android Launchers of 2016

Smartphones come with set number of themes, icons, and they don’t really provide a lot of options to change your interface as you see fit. This is where Android Launchers come in handy as they enable you to customize your smartphone in any way you want. You can use a large variety of themes that come with their own wallpapers, icons, and sound. Furthermore, you can make your interface behave in a way that you like. There are a number of advantages of Android Launchers. However, the problem arises when you have to find one that caters to all of your needs. Knowing that, we have outlined the best Launchers currently available on Android platform that will certainly do the trick for you.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is easily one of the best Android launcher around, and if you’ve ever performed a search for launcher, then you must’ve come across this one. It’s incredibly easy to use and offers some of the best features. Almost all launchers have some sort of learning curve where users have to go through different menus just to see what’s being put on offer. However, that’s not the case with Nova Launcher as it provides all of its features upfront. Themes offered by this launcher work brilliantly, and the best part is that there aren’t any uneven icons. In almost every other launcher, each icon has their own size and they stay that way. However, the icons that are present in Nova Launcher scale up to the size of other icons, hence making everything look good.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another great customization tool for Android as it comes with personalization options for home screen and app drawer. There are endless options in both of these categories as the users can craft their screen in any way they see fit. That’s not all though as Apex Launcher also offers tons of themes, animations, icons, and transition effects. If you are looking for a tool that will enable you to customize freely, then you don’t have to look any further than Apex Launcher. The variety available on the platform is endless and will surely satisfy all of your needs.

Go Launcher EX

This launcher is for people who want customization, though aren’t looking for anything too fancy. It boasts a lot of options that enable you to add a bunch of new effects, themes, icons, and animations. However, there rarely is anything flashy on this launcher. So if you are looking to go with sophisticated look without too many options, then Go Launcher EX comes highly recommended.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a complete opposite of Go Launcher EX. It offers the most unique, colorful and lively designs that are for people who are really into decorating their home screen. The options are endless as there’s something for everyone. You can be as creative as you want and create lively backgrounds for your smartphone, or you can go with a more simplistic look if that’s your style. In the end, the choice is handed over to the users. They can play with the options as they want. This of course makes it a bit more complicated to use, so only go for it if you really like customizations.

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 has grown in popularity at a really frantic pace and has become favorite platform for a large group of people. It offers an Android kind of look, but there are unique features hidden beneath. There’s Quick Theme that changes your themes’ look according to the background you have chosen. This is the best feature of the launcher and has attracted a lot of users. However, that’s not all as Action Launcher 3 also offers Covers which provide new looks for folders. Finally, there is Quickpage which is a separate home screen that can be accessed at any time. If above mentioned apps don’t appeal to you then Action Launcher 3 might be the best option for you.

CM Launcher

If you aren’t looking for something big, then CM Launcher can prove to be a great option. The install size of this app is just 2MB, which means that it uses less system resources. This app can also integrate with CM antivirus app, so if you want a launcher as well as an antivirus app, then you can download both software and use them through one client. As far as customizations are concerned, there are plenty of them available in CM Launcher.

Google Now Launcher

It’s a great launcher for the fans of Google and Android. Google Now comes pre-installed in every smartphone, and Google Now Launcher integrates with it straight away. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the original home screen. If you like something on your screen, you can let it stay that way, but if you don’t like something, then you’re free to change it any way you want. If you plan on keeping Google Now, then you should go with Google Now Launcher as it will integrate without a hitch, saving you the trouble of tweaking settings.

Launcher 8

Launcher 8 is a complete opposite of Google Now Launcher. If you are not a fan of Android, and are fond of the Microsoft Windows interface, then you should give Launcher 8 a try. There are different themes that give a new look to your new interface. Furthermore, there are a ton of options that let you change small things on your home screen. If you are tired of your current Android look, then you should give Launcher 8 a try.

Apus Launcher

Apus Launcher probably has the best rating of the ones mentioned on the list and the app gained this popularity because of its amazing offerings. It not only focuses on the look of your phone, but also enables you to optimize performance, get a look at trending apps, and receive daily news.  Then there are personalization options which are almost endless. So along with customizing your screen in any way you want, you will also be to increase the speed of your phone, get rid of useless apps, gain access to new apps, and read the daily news without much of a hassle.

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