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Best Black Friday 2017 Deals for PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro

Sony has released two new consoles this year, PlayStation Slim and PlayStation Pro. PlayStation Slim comes with almost the same specifications as the original model, though much smaller in size, and the ventilation problem has been largely taken care of.

PlayStation Pro, on the other hand, is a new machine that comes equipped with new and powerful hardware that’s capable of running games at 4K resolution and higher frame rates. It is the first-ever video game console to support 4K, so if you have a 4K TV and wish to experience gaming in higher resolution, then it is a must have.

Although the aforementioned machines come with a pretty hefty price tag, you need not worry now. The much-awaited Black Friday 2017 is just around the corner and it has brought along some amazing deals. Some of the best deals on original PS4, PS4 Slim. and PS4 Pro have been outlined below.

Original PS4 Deals

Those of you who don’t care much about the size of power of their gaming consoles tool would definitely love the original PS4. The biggest deal on PS4 is going on at Amazon, where they are giving out PS4 500GB Uncharted 4 Limited Edition for $342. This model has its own skin and even the controller is customized to match with the actual console on this black Friday 2017.

Apart from this deal, almost every retailer has discounted the original version of PS4, so if you are looking to get one cheaply, now is your best chance to get it.

PS4 Slim Deals

PS4 Slim is in a lot of demand these days and retailers know that. This is why they are offering multiple deals pertaining to it. If you are interested in purchasing slimmer version with extra hard disk space, then you should consider PS4 1TB Slim with Destiny Collection for $400. It’s a great deal. You will get extra storage and one of the best games on this generation of consoles as well on this black Friday 2017.

Some other deals of PS4 Slim are going on at GameStop and they are all pretty awesome. PS4 500GB Slim with Uncharted 4 and Destiny Collection is available for just $300. Another $300 deal on PS4 500GB Slim gives you Destiny Collection and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. PS4 Slim is slightly better than the older version as it comes with really well-designed ventilation system that stops your console from overheating.

If you are planning to get it by this weekend, then the aforementioned deals are your best bet.

PS4 Pro Deals

People are lining up to get PS4 Pro and why wouldn’t they when it’s the first video game console ever to support 4K resolution. It really brings sharpness to the game. Some developers have only upscaled their games to higher resolution, while a few have increased the frame rates as well. We don’t see any reason to miss out on this deal.

There are two incredible deals going on for PS4 Pro and both of them are on eBay. The first deal comprising of PS4 Pro 1TB edition with an extra DualShock 4 controller is available for $420, whereas the second deal offers PS4 Pro 1TB edition with $20 PSN card for $400.

Both of these are amazing deals and if you have been holding out on Pro, then now is your chance to get it.

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