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5 Best Games of 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end and around this time, we take a look at how the year has done in terms of providing quality gaming experiences. This particular year was filled with some incredible titles, and choosing only 5 of them was not an easy task. We got games like Persona 5, Nier Automata, Legend of Zelda, Nioh, Uncharted Lost Legacy, and a whole lot more. 2017 is now regarded as one of the best year in gaming in a very long time, and they are not wrong. We got quality games, one after another. The number of blockbusters we got are endless. However, we still have to do the yearly roundup and for that, we have chosen the following games.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

After a hugely successful Wolfenstein: The New Order, it was inevitable that we will get a sequel, and we finally did this year. The entry surpasses its predecessor in every way. The gameplay as always is top notch, but this time, the visuals are so much better. The game actually feels like it’s made for the new gen machines. Furthermore, the story has been given so much attention this time around. It wasn’t bad in the first game either, but Machine Games has really stepped up in the story department. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has one of the best stories this year.

The set pieces, as always are brilliantly implemented, and the best part is that they are present in the right amount. Previous game had way too many set pieces that made it felt like you had no control over what was going on. However, things are different this time around, as everything has seen an improvement. If you were a fan of the original, then there is absolutely no reason to miss out on the sequel. However, if you missed out on the first game, then we highly recommend giving Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus a shot as it is a better game in every sense of the word.

Destiny 2

Destiny came out and became a phenomenon. It was the first game of its kind and it was brilliant. It had its shortcomings, but overall experience was so worth it. After the initial storyline and its DLCs got done, we were promised Destiny 2 and it arrived this September. It opened to great reviews and that reception was earned. A lot of problems that people encountered in the first game had either been fixed or improved. One of the biggest issues people had was that they couldn’t find anyone to play the game with. To counter this issue, Destiny 2 introduced a “Guided Raids” program which basically enables veterans to help out the solo gamers. People have completed the game’s most challenging activity called Raid, can use this program to play with people who have yet to do so. This made things so much simpler as people were always able to find someone to play it with, and there was always a leader who told everyone what to do next, and how to get the best possible outcome.

Other grievances that users had were lack of story and content. Both of these concerns have been rectified with Destiny 2 as well. Destiny 2 has a lot of cut scenes that help build up the whole plot of the game, and there is no shortage of stuff to do. There are main missions, strikes, raid, PvP, and so much more. You can easily lose hours upon hours into this game without even realizing it, and that is the reason, people have become to adore this franchise so much.

Resident Evil 7

People were skeptical about the direction Resident Evil 7 was taking, but as soon as the game came out, it became abundantly clear that the latest iteration in the popular franchise has stepped in the right direction. The first person perspective worked as the game able to deliver an incredible storyline filled with amazing cast of characters. The horror, the chills, and thrills – everything that you expect from a survival horror title was present in this game. And everything was topped by an amazing antagonist who kept you on your toes the entire time. Resident Evil 7’s length was perfect – instead of trying to be longer, it preferred to being short and on point. This helped the game a lot, as the six/sever hours you played were spent in high tension areas. There was no room for breathing and that made Resident Evil 7 a contender for one of the best games of 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Killzone franchise had started to stale and it was about time for Guerilla Studios to come up with a new IP and they did with Horizon Zero Dawn. From the very first reveal, the excitement for this game was through the roof, and the developers delivered. It is easily one of the best looking games right now, but looks aren’t the only thing going in its favor. It has an amazing story that deals with rising of robots to a whole new level and tells it quite well. The main character is not an extraordinary human being either, which is also a bonus. She is just a normal individual who is trying to resolve the mysteries that surround the world. The game didn’t lack in gameplay department either as we got amazing bow & arrow gameplay. Usually when bows are involved, the gameplay becomes static, but it wasn’t the case here. Despite bow’s addition and game’s focus, the pace of the game didn’t suffer and credit of that goes to Guerilla Studios.

Assassins Creed Origins

People were getting sick of the old Assassins Creed formula and Ubisoft realized that it was time to take a break and revamp the franchise, which they did successfully. Instead of coming out with the same action game, they turned Origins into an RPG and a very good one at that. Firstly, the game is huge – if you just try to explore the world without doing any other thing, it will still take you several hours. Secondly, there is a ton of stuff to do. The game doesn’t rely on mediocrity in any aspect. The side quests are detailed, have purpose, and a story. They are not mere fetch quests that you come across in other games. Then there is the main character and storyline, both of which are amazing. It’s been a long time since Assassins Creed had a decent protagonist, but this game actually delivered on that. Bayek is a good protagonist, and the storyline involving him is also brilliant. So, if you have been holding on your purchase of Assassins Creed Origins because of its bad history, then don’t. Ubisoft has improved the latest iteration in every way and it is easily the best Assassins Creed game on the new gen machines.

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