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Best Internet Filter Apps for Android

The internet is an ocean of information, both good and bad, and the problem with kids is that they cannot really differentiate between good and bad. They are always curious to know everything about anything, even if it isn’t appropriate for their age group. This is how they end up visiting porn websites, getting information about drugs, reading content on self-abuse, and what not. The best way to keep them safe online is to block every website that, by any chance, contains something inappropriate. This is where internet filters come in. Protect your kids from the dark side of cyber space by installing any of these top Internet filters for Android.


It is a free app that makes sure your kid does not get exposed to unwanted content, be it porn, violence, gambling, hate speech, or anything else. It uses category-based filtering to do away with inappropriate and offensive content. With this feature, you can block all the websites that fall under a certain category that you deem unfit for your child to access. The categories include but are not limited to drugs, alcohol, social media, crime, etc. The best part is that this app is difficult to tamper with. So, if your kids are tech savvy and prone to tinker with the safety apps you install on their phone, then you should definitely consider investing in it.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is yet another great internet filtering app for Android. It also uses category-based blocking with 18 filtering categories, thus making sure that every single website that can harm the kid in any way is blocked. With Net Nanny on your kid’s device, there is no need to worry, as it guarantees safe browsing. It also lets you view and delete apps deemed inappropriate, providing you with the peace of mind you most likely crave for. The only downside is that kids can bypass Net Nanny or disable it if they come across the right set of instructions on the internet.


SecureTeen is best in what it does, which makes it one of the leading internet filters for kids of all age group. It wipes out the inappropriate content from the internet like it never existed. It has a unique internet filtering technology that makes sure every single website is scanned before it reaches the kid’s device. It offers category blocking and keyword blocking features. You can block the website under a certain category. It even allows you to block every website containing certain keywords like suicide, crime, drugs etc. Also available is the option to create a black and white list to ensure that kids see only what you want them to see. In addition to filtering, the app also offers internet monitoring and blocking features, allowing you to remotely monitor the browsing history, apps used, SMS and MMS sent, social media, and much more. There is also an option to block the inappropriate apps. It also provides a safe search option, and you can install it on multiple devices (three) under a single subscription.


Qustodio uses “Safesearch” technology to remove inappropriate content from the search results. Its internet filter feature scans the internet, blocking inappropriate websites while allowing the safe ones. Just like other apps, it doesn’t just block the homepage of an inappropriate website, but also blocks all other pages to ensure that your kid never gets access to mature content. It can be installed on multiple devices at a time allowing, you to keep all your kids safe. Qustodio is much more than an internet filter. It also monitors browsing history, social media, calls, texts, and much more.

K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is a smart app that has taken internet filtering and child safety to the whole new level, mainly due to its amazing features. It divides all the websites into 70 different categories. You can select as many as you like. Its real-time categorization feature categories every website shortly after it is launched online. It also ensures safe search on all the major search engines. There is also an “Always Allow” and “Always Block” feature for extra protection.