Here is Our List of Best iPhone Games to Play with Friends and Family

What fun would it really be in playing mobile games alone? Surely, gaming is an enigmatic experience for the game lovers especially when they’re being played on iOS devices. The experience becomes way better when you play them with your friends and family members. With millions of gamers hunched over their iOS devices, playing games varying from racing games to old school games like monopoly or pinball to farm games, the gaming experience becomes unparalleled when you’re playing a multi-player game.

For the gamer in you, we have made up a list of some of the best iPhone games you can get to play with your friends and family, offering you an ultimate solution for your boredom. Just download the multiplayer games, sit back, relax with a bunch of friends and family members and witness the mind-boggling gaming experience on your iOS device. Take a quick look at the list:


Do you remember playing the classic board game, Monopoly with your family back in those days? Who can forget the fun, arguments, and putting up a lot of money on stake whilst playing this game. The same classic game returns to our iPhone with the same rules as the board game only with a few tweaks in the iOS version. You may play the game either with the computer or others over a local Wi-Fi network. Offering amazing graphics and user interface, the iPhone version of this game becomes an instant favorite with the users. The price of the game is set at 3.99$ which may be a bit expensive for some users, however, the overall experience of the game is just worth its price.


Scrabble would have been your favorite childhood board game if you are a word buff or love to play around with English alphabets to create words. The iOS version is similar to the retro board game and works really well on an iPhone. The only downfall to this game is that you have to integrate Facebook in this game to invite your friends and family members to play this game with you. Other than that, it works just fine. Like Monopoly, this game is also priced higher at $7.99. Since the game offers a lot of potential, with a learning platform to the gamers, one shouldn’t consider it too expensive.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The successor of widely popular game Asphalt 7, this new version redefines the tradition of car racing. The iPhone version gives a new touch to the game, letting the player enjoy a multiplayer gaming experience without any interruption. It is recommended to play this game on iPhone 5+ since it requires a high-performance platform. One of the main USP’s of this game is that it allows various stunts, flat spin jumps, and low barrel rolls during the car race. Multiple modes such as World Series, Solo Race, Career, and local Wi-Fi playout have been added to the iPhone version. The user experiences different controls for steering and accelerating in this game. Moreover, different surprise areas are included in Asphalt 8: Airborne for users such as tunnels, shortcuts, and traffic jams, making the gaming even more thrilling. The game comes for free with in-app purchases.

Worms 2 – Armageddon

Since the desktop version of this game appeared, the game became an instant hit among the game aficionados. A fun-filled game with exciting cartoonish visuals and interesting sounds, it offers a multiplayer mode allowing up to four players to play on the same device. Offering multiple missions to choose from, the player can pick any mission and start off the game. Worms 2 – Armageddon is only priced at $4.99 which is not too much if you want to indulge in a fun gaming experience.

Real Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe has been everybody’s favorite – no matter wherever you play – be it on a piece of paper, computer, Facebook, or any other platform. This retro game will keep you glued in your leisure time. The game offers 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 boards, allowing not more than two players to play. It’s available on multiple platforms along with iPhone. It’s an ancient game, so it’s available for free.

Hay Day

Hay Day by Supercell has garnered popularity within a short period of time, becoming one of the most downloaded games of all time. Its availability for both Android and iPhone users made it turn into an overnight success. The main purpose of the player is to create a farm which has been left by a relative. Initial levels of the game are easy as compared to the higher levels which get slightly difficult as the player progresses. However, the game keeps the player on the edge of their seat, not letting their interest fade away. This game comes free with in-app purchases.


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