Best PSP Games of All Time

Sony introduced PlayStation Portable or PSP so that people can continue their gaming activities while they are on the move. A lot of people have huge commute to do every single day and some of the people have jobs that involve travelling. For those, PSP was a blessing a in disguise. Not only was it a great way to keep yourself busy, but it was a great tool to keep yourself active throughout the travel. A ton of games were made available on the platform, and most of them were downright amazing. It is really difficult to single out a few games out of so many, but for the sake of this article, we have outlined five of the best games that were made available on PSP.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

There is no questioning the fact that Hideo Kojima is a legend. He is behind one of the most iconic video game series, and his work on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker can never be forgotten. It not only delivered the stealth based MGS gameplay that the series is known for, but it also introduced multiple features. Co-op and versus modes were added into the game that made it last way long than other games in the series. Then there was the whole base building concept, which saw you recruiting new soldiers for your mother base. The sheer number of features included in MGS Peace Walker were unheard of before, and that is what made the game so memorable. PSP is now long gone, but the people who still own it, enjoy their time with Peace Walker. If you are also looking to get your hands on the handheld, then be sure to play Hideo Kojima’s classic.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War needs no introduction. It is easily one of the best franchises on Sony’s platform, and Sony Santa Monica delivered the similar experience to handheld users. God of War Ghost of Sparta keeps the iconic elements of the series, but also makes it so that the game is easier to play for the handheld users. The story revolves around finding Kratos’ brother, but just like everything in the main character’s life, things don’t go so smoothly as he finds himself in a huge battle once again. The combat was inspired by the original games and was absolutely fantastic. The upgrade tree and new weapons were also present in the game, which kept the combat engaging till the very end. Those of you who enjoy action games and own a PSP should not sleep on the amazing Ghost of Sparta.

GTA Vice City Stories

Rockstar Games has made a habit of delivering amazing titles, and things weren’t any different when it came to GTA Vice City Stories. This game serves as a prequel to GTA Vice City and has us controlling Victor Vance, brother of Lance Vance. The story revolves around the brothers as they try to make a name for themselves in Florida. However, just like every GTA game, things never go as planned, and Victor Vance along with his brother has to regain their footing. This game was a lot of fun back in the day, and if you still own the PSP, then you should definitely give it a shot. It has amazing characters, storyline, and gameplay. Although you can still do the random shooting on the street and create havoc, I would suggest you to at least complete the game just because of its remarkable storyline.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Capcom’s popular franchise Monster Hunter also made its way to PSP in the shape of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It captured the essence of the series and provided on everything that made it so special. There were countless number of beasts you had to slay, but as is tradition, fighting them was not going to be easy. You needed to be patient, you needed the right equipment, and on some occasions, you needed to seek help from other hunters. All of these features combined make Monster Hunter what it is today, and with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you get enjoy each one of these amazing features. Not only are they well implemented, they work really well on the PSP. People were afraid that Capcom might botch up the launch on the Sony’s handheld, but they didn’t. They developed the game with care, and put a lot of time into it, and it shows. The game is beautiful, the beasts have their own uniqueness, and progression system keeps you engaged for a very long time. You can play through the entire game with your friends or you can take out the beasts solo, the choice is completely up to you.

Persona 3

Shin Megami Tensei Persona series had some following, but no one imagined it would become as big of a deal as it did. One of the biggest reasons behind the series’ success was Persona 3’s launch on the PSP. Real life simulation games have been around awhile, but no one had gone as much in depth as Persona 3 did, and no one managed to deliver such an amazing storyline in such a beautiful way. Persona 3 was a huge hit already, and people were enthralled when they heard that the game would be gracing their handhelds. Persona series was known for its lighter undertones, but Persona 3 didn’t hold back. It delivered an amazing narrative that was filled with heavy real-life undertones. This was a major factor in Persona 3 becoming one of the greatest games of all time. Whenever you are looking at the list of best JRPGs to play, you will always find Persona 3 high up that list, and all of this praise was well deserved.

These are just five games that I thought are the best games available on the PSP. These are just my favorites and I know that I am missing out on some of the huge names, but it is just a list of five games, and not every title can make it here. Rest assured, PSP is still a beast, with a ton of awesome games to play.

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