Beware of ‘Check Your Facebook Profile Visitors’ Tricks

Succumbing to curiosity, you may have been desperately searching the web for a way to check who viewed your Facebook profile. And after hours of searching, you must have come across at least a few tricks touting a foolproof way to know who recently dropped by at your personal space on the popular social media network. Stop right there. There’s a 99.9% chance that whatever tricks you came across to discover your profile visitors either don’t work, or even worse, they’re malware in disguise. Don’t let your curiosity get the better of you and lead you into doing something that you’d surely come to regret later on.

Plenty of Tricks Floating Around

Realizing just how eager Facebook users are to find out who visited their profile, a lot of people with malicious motives have developed ways to exploit the strong demand and use it to their advantage. That is why if you run a search for “how to check who viewed my Facebook profile” on Google, you’re likely to run into a few seemingly genuinely tricks. Unfortunately, almost all these tricks don’t work, or are dangerous. You’ll do well to stay away from them if you value your security and privacy.

A Hacker’s Script

A popular trick for discovering Facebook profile visitor involves pasting a script in the address bar while logged into the account. The script is advertised to be capable of lifting the mystery off the list of recent visitors to your profile. Do not fall for it as it’s nothing more than a deception, and that too a dangerous one. By pasting the script in the address bar and hitting “Enter”, you’ll be executing a script that is built to scoop up your personal data and transmit it to a third party, mostly the party behind the development or distribution of the script. You won’t be getting any information on who viewed your profile.

The Limitations of Chrome Extension Trick

Another trick that is often advertised on different sites and forums is that of using the Chrome extension. This is again a false advertisement as the extension not only has an extremely limited functionality, but also suffers from the limitation of being able to work on only those devices that have a similar extension installed and active on them. And even then, the information that you will be getting is going to be hardly reliable. So it’s better that you don’t waste your time on it.

The Deceptive Page Source Trick

Now this has got to be the most popular and widely circulated trick for checking Facebook profile visitors. It claims to show you the names of all those users who visited your profile recently. If you probe a bit, you’d come to learn that this trick doesn’t really reveal profile visitors, but in fact simply shows the people you recently chatted with. Use this so-called trick only if you’re interested in refreshing your memory regarding your recent chat sessions, otherwise it’s completely useless and certainly doesn’t reveal what you’re expecting it to reveal.

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