Biggest Technological Breakthroughs of 2015

We live in a digital world where everything is getting advanced with each passing day. So there was no way the 365 days of 2015 were going to just pass by without any technological breakthroughs. On the contrary, we saw a lot of progression, but we cannot possibly squeeze all of them in this article. Due to this reason, we have picked five of the biggest breakthroughs from the year we just bade farewell to.

Google’s Quantum Computer

A normal single core computer works great, but what if a computer got invented that was able to work 100 million times faster than that? Well, Google has just made this breakthrough and are working day in and day out to ensure that this project makes its way to general public. This new computer was brought to life after running a series of tests between their D-Wave quantum computers and a single core computer. The tests show that the D-Wave quantum computer has the ability to perform operations 100 million times faster than a single core device. Computing is the future after all, so having a device that can operate at such a high speed would certainly be a huge help. Some limitations that current-day computers have will be removed instantly, hence bringing new mechanisms to life. This project has a lot of potential, and if all goes well, then it could be the biggest invention of this decade.

Global Internet Connectivity

Facebook, Google, Virgin and Qualcomm joined forces this year to provide over 1Mbps internet to every single human being on the planet. Now that internet has become a necessity, it’s good to see these three tech giants joining hands to serve humanity. This project is just in its beginning phase, but is expected to cover the whole world in the next five years. It would be a huge help, especially for the people in third-world countries who don’t always have an access to internet services.

New Antibiotic Discovered After 30 Years

It has been a while since the scientists last discovered an antibiotic, but thanks to the team working in Boston’s Northeastern University, the clock has been reset. After 30 years of wait, a new antibiotic called Teixobactin has been discovered, and it is quite effective against ordinary bacterial infections. One of the scientists behind this discovery stated that “Teixobactin shows how we can adopt an alternative strategy and develop compounds to which bacteria are not resistant.” This is just a start though, as now the scientists have an opportunity to carry out some more tests on the new antibiotic and maybe discover something new.

Modified Polio Virus Used to Treat Cancer

In 2015, doctors took a polio virus and then genetically re-engineered it to treat glioblastoma – a brain tumor that can take victim’s life in less than a year. This newly created virus was named PVS-RIPO, and the experiment done by the doctors was a huge success. This re-engineered virus sought out and poisoned cancerous cells, and the best part about it all was that it didn’t do any damage whatsoever to the normal cells. This is certainly a great discovery that will come in handy for curing brain tumor in the upcoming years.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Came Back Safely

Rockets that are designed to travel into space cost a lot of money to make and once they are deployed, they are gone for good. However, SpaceX wanted to change that by building a rocket that could be reused. All of their initial efforts went in vain, but they did not give up. After working hard and doing their research, they were finally able to land Falcon 9 rocket back in Florida safe and sound. This experiment has opened doors for everyone. Now every rocket will not have to be built from the ground-up as the creators will be able to reuse the ones they already deployed. This is a step in the right direction, and will save a lot of cost and time.

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