BitDefender Internet Security [Review]

Bitdefender internet security is just like any internet Malware protection software which does the job of protecting your system from any intrusion of virus or worms to which your system can get exposed while using the internet. The basic function of this software is to scan the content in real-time simultaneously while the user accesses the WebPages and prevent any Malware from entering the PC by crossing the firewall or if possible, removing the Malware from the affected content before downloading it to the PC.

A year back I had wrote an article on Top 5 Antivirus softwares of 2013 in which I had mentioned about Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, which was ranked as the no: 1 Antivirus of that time.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 is completely customizable software. This can be seen right from its installation process. You get to choose which services to keep active during installation itself. For rookies, there is an auto-pilot mode which sets the options automatically based on your PC usage. Post installation, a widget of the software appears on the desktop that displays your firewall and scanning activity. In circumstances where the computer feels sluggish, the widget displays whether this is caused by any Malware or not. Upon opening the software, you will witness a simple layout with four large tabs which are the essential parts of the software. These four tabs named as anti-virus, privacy, firewall and update work in the similar way as their names suggest.

Anti-virus tab controls all your firewall settings and the real-time virus protection system. Here you can add firewall exceptions if required. Also the level of security required can be adjusted depending upon the importance of data passed. And also upon choosing this tab, any malicious activity from any webpage can be detected at the instance itself. The privacy tab holds a host of phishing protection features and encryption service for instant messaging. Other features include the bitdefender wallet credential manager which helps browser save and provide login credentials as well as extra information.

Another featured internal built in app is the bitdefender safe pay app which opens your browser in extra secure environment during the conduction of financial transactions. It is done with the major intention of protecting online bank and transactions. Firewall tab gets you into the menu where you can choose whether you need to keep the firewall on or not. You can also choose an option where you can turn off the firewall for a short period of time i.e. for 5 minutes or more. The updates tab displays the recent database update that has been done and also in certain cases displays any pending windows update that according to the software is hindering the performance of the PC. Further getting into settings you can choose the mode in which the software works. With the option to choose from permissive, normal or aggressive modes, the security goes on becoming stricter at the cost of increasing system resources.

Any system activities which require your attention are flagged in red at the bottom corner of system’s task bar making it easy for the user to notice it and enact accordingly.

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